Four Best Feng Shui Bed Positions

Bad Sleep = Bad Health = Bad Wealth.

Not to alarm you, but without enough sleep, our health suffers which in turn affects our ability to work then our ability to create abundance.

When helping my real estate clients find homes to rent or buy, I always keep these principles in mind so that we know before you sign on the dotted line if your bed will be able to be in the best position possible!

To make sure that health and wealth are always your besties, use these 4 rules to determine if your current bed setup follows the Feng Shui placement guidelines:

1- Be sure that your bed is in COMMAND position. What that means is that you want to be able to view the door of your bedroom when you are in your bed. When you are in command, you feel more secure and your chi or energy is able to relax and recharge.

2- Avoid being in direct line with the door to avoid strong negative energy coming in directly toward you since that could adversely affect your health.

3- Use a solid headboard (no holes in the design please!) if you can’t have a solid wall behind you. You’ll also have the added benefit of having a strong, solid relationship since solid, well affixed headboards symbolize strong relationships!

4- Stay as far from the bathroom or kitchen as possible. Avoid sharing the wall that has plumbing or gas lines as that can cause health issues.

Use these basic rules for bed placement for your current and future homes for optimal sleep and health!

5 Tips On Creating a Feng Shui Sleep Sanctuary

Sleep is a vital ingredient to a healthy body, mind and spirit. To help you make sure you are getting enough sleep, here are 5 Feng Shui tips on how to create a Feng Shui Sleep Sanctuary:

1. Bed Position

Position yourself in the command position so you can see the door of the room. That helps you feel safe and calm. If you can’t, try to position a mirror so you can see the door from that angle.

2. Visual

Place something you love in front view of your bed, whether it artwork or a collection of objects. It’s the last thing you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up so make sure it’s beautiful and inspiring. Black out shades or eye mask – calms the nerves to be in complete yin energy.

3. Scent

Use a calming or grounding scent like lavender or sandalwood. Use a diffuser or a mix with water to spritz onto your bedding.

4. Electronics

Please, no TV in the bedroom and no electronics for at least an hour before bedtime – this includes no reading or watching of the news as it could be upsetting for your chi/energy. The only exception is sound therapy. Download an app such as Insight Timer for a guided sleep meditation or go onto YouTube for music for deep sleep. I’ve seen up to 6 hours worth of music! Just be sure if you are playing it from your phone that it’s not too close to your head.

5. Tactile

Put a soft rug next to your bed so it helps you feel nurtured and comforted when you get in and out!

Start using these 5 tips tonight and let me know how it works for you. Sending you all love and comfort.