Susan will review your Whys along with your vision and goals. Are you a buyer or a seller? What goals do you have in your personal and professional life? You will discuss the current state of the real estate market and how it pertains to your specific goals.


Buyers: Susan finds homes that match your vision. She will evaluate floor plans and photos through a Feng Shui lens.

Sellers: Susan will provide comps to be sure you get the best price for your home. Simultaneously, she will review with you the best steps to help get your home sold.


Buyers: Susan accompanies you on your home tours as your personal Feng Shui consultant and real estate expert. She will help you evaluate which space best energetically matches your needs while keeping an eye on real estate details.

Sellers: Susan will guide you on how to prepare your home so it will attract the best buyers. If you cannot do all the preparation yourself, Susan will connect you with the right people who can best help you.


Buyers: Susan will provide comps of similar properties so you are confident in your offer. She will negotiate for you to get the best price. She will also connect you with the important people who will be able to advise you and protect your investment. If needed, she will help you prepare your documents for the smoothest transaction.

Sellers: Susan will negotiate so you receive the highest offer for your home. She will work with the buyers to make sure their documents are in order so that you have the smoothest transaction.


Buyers: If you choose to have a Feng Shui consultation, Susan will guide you on how to set up your home for harmony and how to best support you and your family’s personal and professional goals.

Sellers: Before you walk away from your property, Susan will take you through a process that will allow you to leave the best home for your buyer so that you can walk into your new home with purpose and positive energy.

This process is customizable to your goals and has been proven to be fun and effective for many people.

Use Susan as your Feng Shui realtor to buy or sell your next home.